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Here’s this year’s Metal Business Card Sizes and Dimensions Guide! You may think you’ve already learned everything about your standard business card: paper weight, average rectangle, same size as the next.

Well, in the world of metal business cards, we play by a different set of rules!

At Metal Business Card, we love exercising our creativity to provide you with a unique card that goes above and beyond business card norms. With an endless selection of sizes and shapes, we know it can get a little overwhelming, so we’ll be here to guide you through everything there is to know.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get!

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What is the standard business card size?
Standard business card sizing is 3.5 x 2.” However, we have found that with the added thickness of our metal cards, that 3.46 x 1.96” fits better into a wallet. Credit card size (also known as CR80) is another reliably standard option for business cards at 2.13 x 3.38.”

What is the best size for a business card?
We believe the best size for a business card is anything that can fit comfortably in a wallet or pocket. Therefore, most frequent-use cards, such as membership cards, gifts cards, etc. are all the same size. This standardized sizing creates ease for the user and ensures they will continue to access and utilize the card without hassle.

What sizes do our metal business cards come in?
Starting off with our standard and most popular, we have our standard metal business card size which closely matches a regular paper business card at 3.46 x 1.96.” Commonly used, this size is perfect for fitting in pockets, wallets, and for carrying around to hand potential clients – while still making an impact with the weight and feel of a metal card.

The standard business size is a popular choice for:

Traditional Business Cards
Membership Cards
Gift Cards
Calling Cards
Message Cards
Coupon Cards
Bag Stuffers
Loyalty Cards
Brass Square Business Card Custom Cutout Bbt

What about square business cards?
Mini yet mighty, our square metal business cards, like the Square Metal Business Cards measure in at 2.12 x 2.12”—one of the smallest standard sizes we offer.

Even though they don’t cover as much surface area as a typical business card, these cards stand out from the crowd with their trendy and unique shape.

It is hip to be square!

These square card dimensions are a popular choice for:

Specialty Tokens
Club Member Cards
Event Tickets
Raffle Tickets
Insert Cards
Product Tags

What size should I make my square business card?
A square metal business card can be any size, but our standard dimensions of 2.12 x 2.12” are large enough to fit your content, while being cost effective and unique.

Do square business cards fit in a wallet?
Yes! Our square cards are small enough to fit in a wallet, while making a BIG statement.

Are rounded or square business cards better?
This all depends on your branding and vision! If your logo revolves around a lot of circles and rounded edges, you may want to keep the same visual flow by choosing to have a rounded card. On the other hand, a square card may fit perfectly with your company’s design elements and overall look. Instead of handing out a rectangular card, try something with a custom shape that flows with your branding.

Do you work with cars? Try handing out a card in the shape of your favorite set of wheels, and watch the jaws drop.

If you’re wanting to recreate the luxurious look of a Black American Express Card, or just want to replicate the feel of a credit card, we offer CR80 sizing which matches the dimensions of a standard credit card at 2.13 x 3.38”.

Also exclusive to our CR80 sizing are our carbon fiber business cards. Fabricated from genuine carbon fiber, these cards are super light and incredibly durable, and are perfect for those in the aircraft or racecar industries! Our credit card business card dimensions are a popular choice for:

Promotional cards for retail credit
VIP Membership Cards
American Express lookalike Cards
A light twist on a standard Business Card

Why is a credit card that size?
Credit cards are made in CR80 dimensions to fit specific standards set by the International Organization for Standardization, so they are compatible with all available POS systems.